Meet the Chemgo Team – a dynamic group of dedicated professionals committed to excellence in the chemical industry



Thomas Fleischmann

Managing Director

Chemgo AG, Münchenstein (Basel)

Sales Speciality Chemicals & Projects

Dr. Danièle Schott

Sales Director Intermediates

Dr. Markus Foidl

Sales Director Nutrition, Cosmetics & Pharma

Dr. Dirk Kusch

Director cGMP / Technical Projects

Dzenisa Hrustic

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sales Lab Supplies & Histology

Dr. Tilman Otter

Deputy Managing Director

Dr. Lothar Blaschke

Director Lab Supplies

Customer Service

Patrick Bamert

Head of Customer Service

Oliver Dürrenberger

Customer Service Representative

Sandra Bamert

Customer Service Representative

Sam Burden

Customer Service Representative

Fjolla Pulaj



Ryan Scheidweiler

Service Engineer

Accounting & Adminstration

Sonja Barth


Sales Germany

Stefan Janssen

Sales Germany

Chemgo SARL, Lyon

Accounting & Adminstration

Aurore Maudier

Office Manager

Sales & Customer Service Speciality Chemicals & Projects

Ning Xia

Sales & Sourcing Manager

Miriam Nachi

Business Development Manager