HSE & Quality Policy

Business Principles

Chemgo AG is a medium-sized company representing suppliers from the life sciences sector. Chemgo combines individual expertise and decades of experience in the areas of marketing, sales, business development, distribution and logistics. We are aware that our activities in this business area involve an enormous amount of responsibility. We attach great importance to conducting all transactions legally, reliably, professionally and to the absolute satisfaction of our customers, always in accordance with our values. Our business ethics oblige us to ensure that our economic activity is in line with international human, liberty and labor rights and is always sustainable and environmentally friendly. We market the products and services of our predominantly foreign partner companies within Switzerland and throughout Europe. When selecting our business partners, we make sure that our partners not only preach, but also live and transport the same values​​that we require as the basis for our business activity. This is particularly important for us because we not only market products and services, but also companies and their value structure.


According to our worldview, all people are equal and every human life is equally valuable. We do not respect any kind of discrimination and expect that we treat each other and external business partners with respect.

Human rights form the basis of our society. These are to be respected by our employees and business partners. This includes the rejection of all forms of modern slavery such as child labour and forced labour, the ban on withholding a decent wage, the ban on denial of the right to form trade unions or worker representative bodies, the ban on denial of access to food and water and the ban on unlawful labor deprivation of land and livelihoods.

We expect our employees and business partners to respect and comply with national and international statutory and legal provisions and to reject any form of corruption.

As an employer, we take our social responsibility towards our employees seriously by creating an innovative environment with an open, active communication structure and ensuring that all employees meet at eye level.

Occupational safety & health

We strictly ensure compliance with all legal requirements in the areas of occupational safety and health. In the age of ever-faster processes, we also protect our employees from increasing psychological stress and offer them support if necessary. We attach great importance to protecting our employees and those of our business partners from exposure to chemical, biological and physical hazards. This also includes the transport of dangerous goods and the storage of dangerous substances. We minimize the risks of transport and warehousing by working with manufacturers with the highest level of expertise in selecting the appropriate packaging and means of transport, as well as with appropriately qualified logistics service providers.


We are convinced that our economic activity must not endanger the environment as the basis of our existence. We implement long-term strategies for the careful use of resources, reject the use of conflict minerals and develop optimized logistics concepts. This leads directly to economic stability and thus to a high level of basic security for our employees and business partners.

Quality Management

Chemgo has implemented an advanced Quality Management System according to international standards, which is regularly audited and certified by SwissMedic. The site of Chemgo AG has been certified as GDP compliant. For assuring highest quality and safety of the final products supplied, Chemgo is working with carefully selected partners with a quality management system according to international standards.